Render farm software updates roundup November - December 2022

Render farm software updates roundup November - December 2022

Welcome to the latest roundup of software updates on our render farm! In this update, we have made improvements to our plugins for Blender, 3ds Max, SketchUp, Maya, Cinema 4D, Modo and LightWave. We have also made updates to our renderBeamer and Web Manager. We have added a new video tutorial focusing on irradiance camera mode with 3ds Max and V-Ray render engine. Keep reading to find out about these updates and how they can benefit your workflow. 


Blender plugin - v82

- Fixed saving Redshift version to .gfs config file.

- Fixed the assets handling issue. Now the plugin does not pack assets into a .blend file when the user cancels the data preparation process & reloads the scene after canceling the process.

- Added info prompt for “crop to render region” option.

3ds Max plugin - v163 & v164

- Improved support for LUT files connected to V-Ray frame buffer (including OCIO / V-Ray 5 & 6).

- Fixed the "no get function" error popup appearing in some cases.

SketchUp plugin - v34 - v36

- Added support for V-Ray 6+

- Fixed GI setup issues for strips & no strips single frame rendering (page render plugin mode).

- Added support for V-Ray 6.00.01.

- Improved checking for installed V-Ray renderer.

Maya plugin v119 & v120

- Improved .abc sequences support for Arnold renderer (copying .abc files &  showing if sequence assets are missing).

- Improved support for UDIM sequences in .ass files.

- Fixed issues with copying Yeti caches.

- Added support for all GI modes in plugin “Strips” mode.

- Improved relinking of nCaches with the same names in different directories.

- User cache directory structure will be passed to the farm side.

Cinema 4D plugin - v118 - v121

- Improved handling of VDB assets: added support for VDB assets with the same name but different directories, VDB assets for Redshift renderer are saved using a new directory structure - /vol/VDBObjectname/VDBassetnameequence, VDB assets for Corona renderer are saved in the main assets directory.

- Fixed issues with the Redshift camera object.

- Fixed X-Parciles cache gathering.

- Fixed C4D fonts library support - fixed font checking & font file gathering.

- In case of issues with our C4D plugin under macOS running on "M" arm architecture, please run C4D with "Rosetta" mode on.

- Fixed image sequences links & file names prefix (Redshift).

- Improved checking procedures and warning prompt for Redshift AOVs.

- Improved missing assets warning prompt.

- Improved path checking for X-Particles caches - xpCache object is now relinked with the project path, and it is used as a parent path for other xp objects.

- Improved relinking for Corona UHD cache - UHDs are collected on the plugin side but relinked on the farm side.

- Fixed multiple prompts for the same UHD cache missing (used with takes).

LightWave3D plugin - v84

- Fixed installer issues on macOS “M” arm architecture.

renderBeamer - v1.410

- Changed destination directory to "_add_GF" for files uploaded manually (bypass the plugin).

- Improved the auto-adjust connection threads algorithm.

- Improved refresh button behavior depending on the selection.

- Fixed status handling for files archived while downloading.

- Other minor fixes and improvements.

Modo plugin - v51

- Fixed NULL output paths issue.

Web Manager

- Improved 3ds Max V-Ray submit window - fields Pass Limit and Noise Threshold are activated with checkboxes and Noise Threshold field has a new range (0 - 10 000) with a precision of 0.001.

- .gfs files and scenes without .gfs (except .blend) are always hidden.

- Strips & Strip orientation values are now selected from the dropdown list containing all available values (based on width/height).

- The most optimal values for mentioned fields are automatically proposed for the user.

- Strips value can be changed while cloning the job.

- Added some missing translations.

New video tutorial - 3ds Max with V-Ray - Irradiance camera mode

In this video, we are focusing on Irradiance camera mode with 3ds Max and V-Ray render engine.

This mode should be used only for camera-animated scenes (flythrough type).

Irradiance camera works only with Irradiance map & Light Cache GI solutions.

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