Render farm software updates roundup May ‘21

Render farm software updates roundup May ‘21

Enjoy our next roundup of new updates on our render farm. Over the past two months, we've been working on improvements to the plugins for Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, Maya, Blender, and Modo. We are also proud to announce a brand new plugin for After Effects!

Web Manager

- Fixed issues with sorting done frames lists.

- Modo inactive render passes are blocked for the "on" checkbox.

- Added video job option for 3ds Max projects.

- Added new render mode for Cinema4D -  takes in one job. This mode should be used only when rendering multiple takes with a single frame render range.

- Job functions like pause, resume, kill and archive have been improved.

- Now, every operation will include a job dependency table.

- Usage of pausing, resuming, killing, or archiving will also affect connected dependency jobs.

- Dependency functions are working in both ways, so now you can pause the whole project by operating only on 1 job instead for eg. 3.

- Blender’s full output path is now limited to 240 characters.

- Improved Blender default FPR settings.

- Create video sequence is now available for C4D jobs.


- We added a new help tool - guides & video table. It’s available directly in the renderBeamer “Plugins” tab. From here users can access our online text guides and youtube videos.

- Help resources will be developed, so expect more guides & videos for our plugins and farm workflow.

- renderBeamer installer is now officially certified for macOS. 

- Fixed issues with the “open directory” function on macOS.

- Fixed issues with missing icon on macOS.

- Auto submit has been removed from the startup window.

- Improved temporary folder functionality. The new-current renderBeamer version requires a temporary folder to function properly. This folder is used for preparing and sending files. After the upload process is completed, the folder will be emptied. The temporary folder path settings can be changed in the main renderBeamer settings.

- Fixed plugins installation issues on macOS Big Sur.

- Added support for additional plugin versions. Now users can select older or newer (beta) versions directly from the plugins tab.

- Added new tab - setup. In the future, scenes and projects will be prepared directly in renderBeamer instead of 3d app.

- Runtime updated to JDK16.

- Improved launch time.

- Fixed checking empty temp directory.

- Other minor fixes and improvements.

- This update requires a new installer from the website.

Cinema 4D

 - Prompt for the “Render all takes in one job” switch has been removed. Now, all takes in one job are automatically turned for 10+ takes.

- Improved non-ascii character checking of project/scene name/camera names.

- Send to farm button is now replaced with a standard UI element (instead of an image).

- Improved assets handling for Redshift renderer (missing assets/HDRI/Alembic files/Cube LUTs).

- Fixed takes mode startup issues.

- Fixed resolution rendering issues for animated scenes containing multiple takes with different render presets.

- When the scene is prepared with such setup, resolution change on Web Manager is blocked.

- Also, we have expanded .gfs (scene configuration file) with some additional info: resolution per-take, render setting list with name and resolution.

- Under the hood improvements & fixes.

New video tutorial - Cinema4D & Redshift - Archviz rendering

In this tutorial, we are focusing on arch-viz rendering with Cinema4D & Redshift. The video is focused on rendering hi-res still shots and animations from the same scene & project.

3ds Max

- Fixed issue with Redshift proxy series renaming.

- Fixed issue with non-Latin character in Anima project name.

- Fixed issue with tyFlow cache sequences.


- Fixed issues with plugin option to ignore assets.

- Fixed issue with detection of Redshift Sprite node.

- Added support for Back plate sequences.

- Added support for Maya 2022.

- Denoise Beauty AOV option is now blocked (OptiX denoiser with Arnold).

- Fixed issue with system characters in scene name and file name prefix.

- Fixed issue with the broken project.

- Fixed image sequences issues.

- Removed the requirement for the scene to be in the 'scenes' subfolder.

- Added support for Redshift textures / Ray Switch (texture Background/refraction, texture reflection/GI texture).

- Under the hood fixes & improvements.

After Effects

- Finally, we have made an official release of the After Effect plugin v18. There are tones of changes, most important are new plugin workflow, new asset collector & plugin UI.

Unfortunately, the plugin UI has been disabled for now due to startup issues, startup function is now in the Compositions menu (renderBeamer - batch relinker). UI will be enabled again in version 19 - directly in the renderBeamer window.

-This is how the new plugin will look like:

renderBeamer for After Effects
renderBeamer plugin for After Effects

- Keep in mind that frames are still rendered to PNGs and converted to a video once full-range rendering is done.

- Core functionality is based on version 17 with additional improvements and fixes.

- Rendering is now set to PNGs by default.

- FFMpeg - create video switch - is on by default for all AE jobs.

- A lot of performance and stability improvements.

- Additional "under the hood" fixes for startup issues, compositions recognition. issues with character encoding, gfs file encoding.


- Added prompt for blocked OptiX denoiser.

- Added output path length checker.

- Fixed issues with copying FlipFluids cache files (for Blender 2.90+).

- Fixed issues with uploading projects directly from the root drive.

- Added prompt to set render limit in Lux Core settings.

- Added prompt for Grease Pencil objects. Scenes contain Grease Pencil objects are blocked for the upload now.

- Adjustments to “render test” prompt.


- Fixed issue with command argument parsing.

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