Render farm software updates roundup March - May 2024

Render farm software updates roundup March - May 2024

Our latest updates enhance functionality across a wide range of plugins and tools, including Blender, Cinema 4D, LightWave 3D, 3ds Max, Maya, renderBeamer, V-Ray standalone, and Rhinoceros3D. These updates bring improved performance, new features, and critical bug fixes, ensuring a smoother and more efficient rendering process on our render farm.


Blender plugin - v89

- Added support for audio assets.

- Added support for geometry nodes cache files (Blender 4.1.0+).

- Added warning prompt for camera timeline switcher.

- Added validation for special characters used in scene names.

Cinema 4D plugin - v140 & v142

- Fixed X-Particles cache path issues on macOS.

- The X-Particle cache checking has been added. Now, the plugin verifies if the cache is already on the farm's side, and if so, it displays an additional prompt informing the user whether they want to re-upload the cache.

- Added size checking of cached assets (ABC cache, GI maps, Mograph caches, etc.). When the cache size exceeds the available disk space, the user is notified with a prompt.

- Fixed takes list nested UI logic.

- Fixed available disk space checking.

LightWave 3D plugin - v87

- Fixed output name prefix issue.

3ds Max plugin - v177 - v181

- Fixed relinking Phoenix cache.

- Fixed handling 4K cache as secondary GI solver (Corona 11+).

- Fixed relinking background texture path in V-Ray FB.

- Added Chaos Scatter version to .gfs file.

- Fixed reading Light cache Retrace threshold.

- Fixed checking output path length.

- This is now the minimal required plugin version.

- Plugin no longer enables/disables render elements.

- Only enabled render elements will be saved to gfs.

- Output path length checker now only checks enabled render elements.

- Added support for 3ds Max 2025.

- Improved checking of the Corona version when V-Ray is set as the main renderer.

- Improved checking of the V-Ray version.

Maya plugin - v132

- Added support for Maya 2025.

renderBeamer - v1.504

- Added support for higher password complexity.

- Added automatic installation of required components for plugins (Rhinoceros3D+VRay standalone).

V-Ray standalone plugin - v11

- This plugin version is required to work with the new Rhinoceros3D plugin v39.

- Improved auto-submit workflow.

Rhinoceros3D plugin - v39

- This version requires V-Ray standalone plugin v11 + renderBeamer v1.504 to work as it uses the V-Ray standalone core plugin to work with exported .vrscenes.

- Plugin UI has been moved to renderBeamer along with features like mode selection, asset tracker and expanded render settings.

Render farm software updates roundup march-may 2024

Plugin spotlight

We're excited to highlight several new and updated plugins that have been recently integrated into our render farm software, enhancing your creative capabilities across different platforms.

DillonGoo Studios (Custom Blender Build) Explore the unique capabilities of DillonGoo Studios' custom Blender build. This specialized version of Blender offers tailored features for advanced animation and visual effects. You can learn more about it here.

Flare Wizard (for Blender) Flare Wizard is a powerful tool for creating stunning lens flares and light effects in Blender. This plugin streamlines the process, allowing for easy customization and high-quality results. Check it out on the Blender Market.

Turbo Tools V4 (for Blender) We have previously supported Turbo Tools, and now we're thrilled to include the latest version, Turbo Tools V4. This plugin enhances Blender with robust features for modeling, texturing, and animation. Find out more on Gumroad.

Hot4D (for Cinema 4D 2024) Previously supported up to Cinema 4D R21, Hot4D is now available for Cinema 4D 2024. This plugin generates realistic ocean waves and water surfaces, perfect for dynamic and immersive visual effects. Discover more on Plugins4D.

These updates ensure you have access to the latest tools and improvements, empowering your creative projects with the most advanced features available.

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