Render farm software updates roundup January - February 2024

Render farm software updates roundup January - February 2024

Embark on a dynamic journey through our software updates, designed to elevate your rendering experience on our render farm! Unveiling enhancements in renderBeamer, 3ds Max, Blender, SketchUp, Cinema 4D, and Maya plugins, these updates promise a seamless and efficient creative process. From advanced download filtering to improved balance displays, our commitment to optimizing the render farm experience shines through in every update.


renderBeamer - v1.502 & v1.503

  • Added the presentation of "available balance" and "account balance".
  • Deprecated the After Effects plugin.
  • Added advanced download filtering.
  • Added alternative upload port.

3ds Max v174 - v178

  • Added support for Ornatrix cache in Ox Baked Hair modifier.
  • External caches are now forwarded to the farm in a separate folder instead of keeping them in the \relinkedassets\ directory (Anima, Phoenix, TyFlow).
  • Fixed image file name with a dot when using export to V-Ray scene.
  • Added support for .prt cache sequence.
  • Fixed LUTs assets handling for Corona Frame Buffer.
  • Handled V-Ray bug with colorspace not being saved.

Blender plugin - v88

  • Added the “automatically activate the plugin in Blender”  option in the plugin installer.
  • Eevee is now fully supported - removed Eevee warning prompt.

SketchUp plugin - v42

  • Fixed plugin startup issues with V-Ray 6+.

Cinema 4D plugin - v139

  • We fixed an issue with reading the Redshift camera (Redshift 3.5.22) for language packs other than English.

Maya plugin - v130 & v131

  • Fixed handling of UDIM textures.
  • Minor UI improvements.
  • Added support for AxF assets.

Web Manager Update

  • Added 'compress to zip' files command for compressing files/folders in WM.
  • Added 'overdraft limit' display under 'account balance'.
  • We are introducing a new feature “overdraft limit, “ and automatic killing of rendering jobs. Overdraft is the limit of negative available balance that currently rendering jobs can cause before they are automatically killed. For example: If a user has the overdraft limit set to 10 then all currently rendering jobs will be automatically killed when the available balance goes below -10 credits. The cost of jobs killed is not refundable and it is the user's responsibility to have enough credits and to test jobs to know the estimated cost to avoid jobs being killed. Overdraft limit settings can be found in account settings.

Plugin spotlight


We're thrilled to announce that our render farm now seamlessly works with the fantastic Physical Open Waters plugin. This means faster rendering times and smooth performance, making it easier for you to create realistic ocean scenes. Our commitment to providing top-notch support ensures you can make the most of this cool cinematic tool. Stay tuned for even more updates as we continue to enhance your 3D rendering experience!

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