Render farm software updates roundup January - February 2023

Render farm software updates roundup January - February 2023

We're excited to share with you our latest roundup of software updates for our render farm. We've made significant enhancements to Cinema 4D, After Effects, 3ds Max, Blender, Maya plugins, Web Manager, and renderBeamer, all with the goal of providing a seamless and hassle-free rendering experience. Continue reading to discover how our latest updates can help streamline your workflow and optimize your rendering process.


Cinema 4D - v122 - v125

- Web Manager will now show an additional prompt when turning mpass switch ON when multipass output is not set in the scene.

- Improved Redshift camera detection.

- Improved handling of XParticle assets & fixed copying X-Particles caches with too long paths.

- Added more detailed information about missing RS Proxy assets in the plugin log.

- Fixed mpass output issues.

- Improved support for sub-directory assets in the C4D default /tex/ project directory.

- Improved support for image sequences. 

- Added checking procedure for Pyro caches. 

- Fixed plugin startup issues for scenes with multiple render presets connected to a single render take with the “inherit from parent” option.

- Added checking process for Redshift .rstexbin assets. The user is informed with a prompt containing information about these assets and a suggested conversion solution.

After Effects plugin - v25

- Fixed issues with plugin installation on 2023.1 AE (Win).

- Fixed script versions & startup issues (macOS).

Web Manager

- AMD nodes are selected automatically for specific jobs (stills with width * height > 2100000).

- Fixed 3ds Max cropped preview window.

- Improved 3ds Max scene state support - Web Manager automatically sets the correct mode based on the 3ds Max scene setup. When there are no scene states in the scene, Web Manager sets the mode to the camera. When there are scene states, Web Manager allows the user to decide which mode to choose. 

- Improved output file length checking for 3ds Max scene states & camera projects.

- Added new tooltips for mode selections (3ds Max & Cinema4D).

- Merged GPU (Optix) preferred hardware selection with GPU. 

- Fixed the problem with unselected A5000 node from GPU preferred hardware list. 

- Allowed editing FPE on already added jobs. 

renderBeamer - v1.411

- Added error codes displaying.

- Added ECO tooltip to AMD node group.

- Added plugin updates suggestion.

3ds Max plugin - v166

- Added “Still image (strips)” switch for render engines - Redshift, Scan-line & Art.

- The still image mode allows you to render high-resolution single frame shots with multiple render nodes.

- This mode doesn’t provide any GI caching (for Redshift/Art/Scan-line) so please be sure that your GI setup is prepared to render on multiple machines.

- Added support for SmartRefs objects.

- Fixed incorrect resolution for stereo rendering (V-Ray).

- Render Stereo V-Ray as a separate job switch has been removed from plugin settings.

- Fixed .IFL sequences issues (IFL file renaming).

Blender plugin - v83

- Save output switch is now always enabled for Redshift renderer.

- Renamed "Render: NFT tool" addon to "Object: Collections Merger"

Maya plugin - v121

- Improved support for Bifrost caches. Now plugin checks for Bifrost assets in reference scenes. 

- Improved support for camera overrides settings. Now, the plugin checks for camera overrides and suggests correct settings with prompts.

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