Renderfarms and the human touch

Renderfarms and the human touch

As rendering technology has improved, so have expectations for quality and realism. Because of this, the industry's need for reliable and efficient render farm technologies has never been more pronounced. Alongside this need is a need for high-quality support for these services. Delayed or failed render jobs can negate the speed and cost advantages render farm services provide unless quality, timely support is available.

With these factors in mind, we'll examine how the human touch still plays a vital role in the support model for render farm services. With the growth of automated AI-driven support and self-service web portals, timely human support can be hard to find. However, the efficiency, speed, and tailored experience that real human support offers show that the human touch is worth considering when choosing a render farm.

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The advantages of live human support

At a time when AI and self-service support has encompassed much of the support model for digital services, on-demand human support can seem redundant to the advantages of other support options. However, this mindset can ignore some of the key benefits of human support.

Renderfarms and the human touch
Credit: Bilal Mansuri

One of the best aspects of live support is that real humans can often access data that self-service options can't. For example, a live support technician can often view error logs and other system data that can track down what went wrong with a render job. This can be a significant time saver and reduce the troubleshooting you might need to complete to get a project rendering. While self-service support can be convenient, and support tickets are sometimes necessary, live support fills the gap when time is an important factor.

Furthermore, the tailored experience that live support offers is hard to beat. While automated chatbots and self-service options can be great for simple fixes and basic troubleshooting, they often fail to compete with live support in timeliness. A live support technician is often able to recognize and resolve issues quicker than you or an automated support system might be able to. For example, suppose a file upload fails. In that case, an actual human who works with cloud render services daily will usually know exactly the specifications an upload needs without needing to spend vital hours troubleshooting. Even when support documentation is well-written and accessible, it's hard to beat first-hand experience.

Renderfarms and the human touch
Credit: Elliot Simons

Lastly, even for those who prefer to solve issues themselves, human support serves as a perfect backup for when your own troubleshooting fails. Hitting a dead end in troubleshooting can be frustrating and cost valuable time, but live support can offer a way out when other steps fail.

Why human support is essential for cloud rendering

When setting up a render to be sent to a rendering farm, there are many complex factors to consider that the average 3D artist might not be prepared for. Mismatched software versions, unsupported plugins, and broken asset syncing can all be causes of render failures. However, a live support representative can assist with many of these issues and provide guidance on optimizing render settings to ensure the best possible output.

For example, a live support person can help analyze your project's compatibility with the cloud render service and diagnose why a render might fail. Sometimes, a support technician can even walk you through how to fix issues or help you match your project's software versions to what's compatible with the render farm service.

Renderfarms and the human touch
Credit: Philip Oroni

Live render farm support technicians can also offer advice on resolving project-specific concerns, such as budget issues, or how to maximize the use of the render farm to meet a project's requirements. Often with various pricing plans, project requirements, and file sizes, it can be hard to estimate how much a project will cost. However, live support technicians can give insight into exactly what a project might need, reducing unexpected costs or delays.

Additionally, having access to live human support enables you to have real-time support during your render jobs, allowing you to make adjustments, redirect resources, or recover a project if something goes wrong. This helps to ensure that projects are completed on time and on budget.

How live support offers artists more

As you may have guessed, the unique advantages of live support can have a major impact on the online render farm user experience. User experience researchers have repeatedly shown that real-human support is essential to a quality user experience.

For example, a 2018 report from the Northridge Group found that 69% of customers have difficulty navigating automated systems. And for a good reason, computerized systems tend to be confusing, and AI-driven chatbots can quickly become unhelpful when facing complex problems like those covered above. Another report from Gartner states that only 9% of customers can solve their support issues completely using self-service options. This shows that self-service tools are excellent for stop-gap measures but can't match the thoroughness of human support. Human support, on the other hand, tends to provide long-last solutions and allow customers to get answers to all of their questions without searching through multiple articles or systems.

Renderfarms and the human touch
Credit: Philip Klich

These reports provide clear evidence that having access to live human support options is paramount for ensuring a reliable and efficient customer experience. Such services are essential in ensuring that customers get answers quickly and accurately.

In short, Live human support is essential for providing a reliable and effective rendering experience, as automated systems can be confusing, and self-service options are often inadequate. Live support technicians can access data that automated systems can't, provide tailored support, and offer advice on project-specific issues. Few things can beat the personalized, frustration-free experience that live support can provide for the complex task that rendering often is.

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