Render farm software updates roundup November ‘20

Render farm software updates roundup November ‘20

Hey Everyone!

Winter is coming, and we’re prepared! Here’s a list of new features we added to our plugins for the months of September to October 2020.


- Added option to choose download directories.

- Now users can use the global renderBeamer download directory or directory selected in the scene. To use the new feature we have added the “use scene download path” switch in renderBeamer settings.

use scene download path

- Added take and camera mode for Cinema4D auto submit.

- Improved plugin TEMP directory choosing.

- Improved Korean language fonts and translations.

- Added option to choose download directories.

- Now users can use the global renderBeamer download directory or directory selected in the scene. To use the new feature we have added the “use scene download path” switch in renderBeamer settings.

- Copying assets sub-process is now with new info/progress.

- Fixed issue with unsupported character in assets name (&).

- Fixes typos in the plugin progress window.

- Fixed X-Particles issues with cache upload & relinking.

- Fixed issues with Redshift proxies. All proxies assets are uploaded now.

- Fixes for Redshift renderer & denoiser option.

- Added custom script support to autosubmit.

- Added strips handling for Cinema4D autosubmit.

- Fixed Arnold license checking in autosubmit.

- Runtime updated to JDK15.

- This update requires a new installer from the website.

- Other minor fixes and improvements.

Web Manager

- Cinema 4D jobs - added info about camera/take.

- Blender with LuxCore renderer is now automatically set to nodes with GPU cards.

- Improvements in email notifications.

- Improvement with frames preview on Web Manager. Now EXRs are converted to JPGs on the fly and correctly displayed.

- Added warning prompt for operations on currently rendering job (frame range changes).

- Blender scenes rendered with strips are now checked for the content of post effects, and if there are any in use, the user is informed with the prompt.

- Fixed issues with AE padding for images.

- Other under the hood improvements and fixes.

Cinema 4D

- Added support for OCIO files used with Redshift renderer.

- Improvement workflow for the X-Particles plugin.

- Fixed issues with reading Arnold’s version.

- Fixed issue with listing takes.

- Added full support for Cinema4D R23+.

- Added warning for render region rendering.

- Added warning for rendering with Octane render. For now, Octane rendering is blocked.

- Fixed issue with camera render range being not forwarded to .gfs file and Web Manager.

- Web Manager - Cinema 4D scenes which include output file ending with the number will have _ sign at the end name now. This is added due to the Cinema 4D feature which is automatically adding a dot sign at the end of the output name if it ends with any number base value.

- Fixed plugin encoding errors.

Cinema 4D - new video tutorial with Camera & animation mode

Cinema 4D - new video tutorial about take system rendering on our render farm        

3ds Max

- Fixed issues with Corona 6 RC4 version naming in .gfs setting file.

- V-Ray GPU rendering is now blocked with the prompt.

- Fixed runtime error (FileStream bug).

- Fixed issue with ~ symbol in .ifl sequences.

- Fixed issue with assets named the same way but linked from a different path. Now that kind of assets are checked and renamed & relinked.

- Fixed issue with .tx assets copying & relinking procedure with V-Ray 5 renderer

- Fixed issue with copying and relinking IFL sequences.

- Fixed issue with older Corona version detection.

- Added prompt about auto white balance/auto exposure when using bake for Light Cache GI mode.

- Added support for 4K Cache GI solver in Corona 6+.

- Added warning prompt when scene states are set up in the scene.

- Fixed script crashes with “Cannot get mesh from this object” error.

- Added support for .rs proxies assets.


- Added support for .rs assets (Redshift proxies).

- Added support for .vrmesh assets used with  V-Ray 5.x renderer.

- Added support LUT files connected in Redshift Render View.

- Added warning prompt for rendering with “By frame” setting & FPR usage. When using “By frame” scene render settings are automatically set to 1.

- Fixed issues with Ornatrix pre/post-render MEL/scripts. Now plugin removes "custom/unknown scripts" and shows a warning.

Rhinoceros 3D

- Added single frame rendering mode. Now the scene can be rendered on a single render node without the usage of strips mode. With single frame rendering GI caching (Bake) and orientation, switches are off as this is “just render” mode.

- Added assets relinker tool. If the scene contains any missing asset or broken path, the plugin will bring up a simple asset relinking tool which will allow the user to change assets paths or just clean them 

- Fixed assets paths in exported .vrscene files. 

- Fixed assets paths for missing assets. All paths for missing assets are clean now.

- Fixed issue with wrong job typewritten in .gfs file (strip bake instead of render).

- Fixed issues with plugin encoding & assets relinking.

- Fixed issue where Bake was not checked by default when IR + LC.

- Under the hood improvements.


- Added support for Laubwerk assets linked as vrmesh files. Now all Laubwerk objects are correctly uploaded and relinked.

- Under the hood improvements & optimization.


- Fixed issue with not relinked image sequence.

- Added support for VDB sequences.


- renderBeamer startup has been changed from .bat to .exe.


- renderBeamer startup has been changed from .bat to .exe.

Xesktop update - New type of machines available

We have introduced a new type of machines. They are equipped with eight Tesla P100 graphic cards. The machine speed is roughly as high as the one with ten 1080Ti's, but the power is better consolidated here. There are fewer GPUs that make particular software more compatible (for example Redshift supports up to 8 cards, certain versions of 3ds Max don't work with more than 9 cards) and their interconnection (SXM2 bus) is way faster than the good old PCI-Express.

Happy rendering!

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