BlenderBeasts 2017 roundup

Blender Beasts ’17 Wrap Up

With Blender Beasts contest concluded, and everything tallied up, we’d like to talk about the entries we’ve chosen. We saw a lot of great renders. Some showcased remarkable technical skill, others were creative explorations of the theme and told intriguing visual stories. It took us a while to decide on our winners, but now without further ado, we happily present our top three contestants and their outstanding work! Honorable mention also made it on our list, yay.

Here are the Blender Beasts 2017 winners

Third Place: Koos Heemskerk

“The Signature of The Beast” is a great interpretation of our “beast” theme. The visual metaphor in this work that would make for a great awareness poster. The reptiles look like they’re at the forefront of a swarm of money monsters oozing into their lair. The well-placed volumetrics add to the menacing appearance of the two creatures. The green and bronze on the subjects match the colors of the bills and reinforce an allusion to the lust for wealth. Everything works together splendidly to illustrate the hideousness of greed.

PRIZES: $200 render credits, big cats pack by PROmax3d, Friendly Shade Premier Bundle 01 (single user), Dragon Knight training course by Pierrick Picaut

You can find Koos on: Behance & LinkedIn

Second Place: Yeshua Nell

Yeshua’s work attracted our attention because of its strong composition. A close shot of a threatening stone-age type character looking down at the camera against an orange haze of embers is pretty darn beastly! Neolithic marauder, angry tribal deity, what you look like when Starbucks gets your name wrong – take your pick! The render is a delightfully quirky study of rage. There’s some crudeness in the hair and in the modeling, but that just adds to the primal feel this shot gives off.

PRIZES: $300 render credits, big cats pack by PROmax3d, Friendly Shade Premier Bundle 01 (Team), CG Masters training course, Dragon Knight training course by Pierrick Picaut

Places to find Yeshua online: Website Twitter DevianArt Facebook

Honorable mention: Nelson Lima Villamil

The framing and the classic barbarian vs behemoth theme reminded us of Frank Frazetta’s pictures. The rocks bring focus to the beast, and the backlighting makes it look even more ferocious while emphasizing the silhouette of the warrior. A great example of how you can create a great picture with good staging even with models that aren’t super refined. The work is called “Maloso” and it is based on Diablada, traditional dance of Bolivia.

Find Nelson online: Facebook Instagram Twitter

First Place: Jessie Amiel Gayanilo

Jessie’s render makes it through every item in our criteria with flying colors. Entitled “Eternum Rek’Sai Fan Art”, this shot is, from what we understand, a nod to a skin for a character from League of Legends. The models and textures are great, but the staging, lighting, and composition are what really put this piece at number 1 for us. The soldier on the lower left corner and the wire on the top right lead the eye to the main subject, and the lighting adds more emphasis on the monster’s head. The poses of all the auxiliary characters, the scene layout and the camera angle all lend to the feeling of havoc as the beast escapes from/attacks the facility. It’s without any reservation that we name Jessie as GarageFarm.NET’s very first Blender Beast. Stay tuned for his case study!

PRIZES: $500 render credits, big cats pack by PROmax3d, Friendly Shade Premier Bundle 01 (Company), CG Masters 2 training courses, Dragon Knight training course by Pierrick Picaut, featured article

You can find Jessie on Facebook

Our Thoughts

Having been our very first foray into hosting competitions of this kind, we were very excited to see what the Blender user community would create, and though in the beginning, we were worried about not getting that many entries, we saw them come in full force later down the road. We’ve always been intrigued by how Blender has grown over the years, and how innovatively the Blender Foundation adapts solutions based on needs voiced out by the community. In this regard, we feel a strong kinship for BF and it’s following. The attentiveness to user feedback is at the core of our service, and by running Blender Beasts, we found ways in which we could improve our support for Blender, and at the same time, help artists push their skills and grow.

Our warmest thanks to our sponsors (P2design, CG Masters, Friendly Shade, PROmax3d), and to everyone that participated in the competition. We hope you had fun, and keep up the good work! As always, Happy rendering from all of us at GarageFarm.NET.