learn how to render on our render farm

CPU rendering


create a new account, activate it, and get
$25 credits


log in to Web Manager (web dashboard), download
and install our software

send project

you will get a new menu in your 3D app interface,
send the project to the farm right from there

manage online

submit the test job choosing the priority, frame range, and other
scene settings in our web dashboard

review frames

frames download automatically when our software is running, review the
frames and submit the full range job if you're happy with the result

charge your account

initially you get $25 trial credits, you will need to charge your account
when you run out of them to continue the rendering
more resources for you

YouTube channel

watch video tutorials that will walk you through our workflow

startup guide

check out a more detailed text and image based guide


questions we often get asked that you’re likely curious about too


find additional guides and tips and info other users share

supported apps

a list of apps and plugins we support