Zebra by Wicked Pixels

rendered in Maya, V-ray and Yeti

“There were four idents of ten seconds which amounted to a total of 1000 frames. We used Maya, V-ray, Mudbox and After Effects for this project. We also used Yeti for Maya to render the fur. Yeti made it easy to render with V-ray, and the basic node system made it easy to quickly change fur settings down the pipeline. The zebra itself has a lot of short fur covering its body. You need a lot of fine fur to cover the surface for the close-ups. In contrast to that, the model and rig itself was kept as simple as possible to speed up animation “ (Saskia Busch, Executive Producer at Wicked Pixels)

Wicked Pixels is the most established and awarded studio of its kind in South Africa. The company was founded in 1997 and is renowned for its creative and effective work. It has appeared in numerous industry showcase magazines, including Shots, Creative Review, Stash and Boards, as well as sites like Trendhunter, BestAdsOnTV and MTV Buzz.

You can read more about the Zebra Project, the company itself and even working with a late 80’s animation computer in our Cape Town Animation Studio case study.

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