Cycles GPU Render 8X GeForce Titan

Cycles GPU Render Benchmark on Reynante Martinez’s scene


We are back with a new GPU benchmark. This time we teamed up with Reynante Martinez to see how his mesmerizing and intense scenes fare when rendered on our rig. A big shout out goes out to Reynante for sharing his scene with us and of course for being such a nice guy. You should definitely visit his site to check out his truly wonderful artwork (

We decided to run a few tests on the Playtime scene as it happened to be our team’s favorite pick. The results are pretty satisfying. When we compared the rendertimes of the CPU (Intel Xeon E5-2620 v2) and GPU (GeForce Titan), the GPU was a clear winner, no doubt. When rendered on our 8x GPU rig though, it was a blast – the rendertime has gone down 18 times. We still need to make a few tweaks here and there to further improve the server’s performance but, I think, we’re on the right track.


24 cores CPU – 1h 29m
1x Titan – 41m 15sec
8x Titans – 4m 50sec


Is there a scene you would like to see benchmarked on our GPU rig?
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