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fully automated, easy to use, with 24/7 real time support

If you’ve got the Corona renderer fever we’re the farm for you! This intuitive but powerful renderer is rocking the architectural visualization scene with its ability to produce sophisticated render results with just a few clicks, and you can render it on our Corona render farm just as easily. Our plugin is fast, light and seats itself cozily on your 3ds Max GUI, gets constant updates, and fully supports Corona LUT files, Max Scene States and much more!

Chat with our 24/7 Live Support Team, and get all your questions answers, and needs addressed. Sign up with us and get a $50 starting credit bonus to test your scenes without any need to commit. Get your Corona renders hot and crispy here at GarageFarm.NET!

Get started with $50 credit

all features are enabled from the get-go, no watermarks, no credit cards required

software & features

sa-forestpack-120x120 Corona Renderer
sa-railclone-120x120 Corona Renderer
Laubwerk-black-1-120x116 Corona Renderer
multiscatter-logo-2017 Corona Renderer
anima-logo-1-305x89 Corona Renderer

new_3ds_Max_logo Corona Renderer 3ds Max 2014 – 2018

  • scene states
  • LUT files
  • UHD cache
  • bucket rendering
  • Corona materials, volumetrics, SSS, & lights
  • CXR and all other standard formats
  • automatic asset collection and relinking

corona-logo-80x80 Corona Renderer Corona Renderer 1.2 – 1.7

  • progressive rendering
  • time limit and noise limit rendering
  • animation rendering
  • distributed still image rendering (strips)
  • multi-camera rendering with individual frame ranges
  • seamless integration with 3ds Max interface
  • built-in scene error checker

featured projects

House in Spain
by Pavel Mantula

corona-1-1.jpg Corona Renderer

Sunny Day
by Pavel Mantula

corona-2 Corona Renderer

SCHELDE 21 Residential Building
by ZOA

corona-3 Corona Renderer

SCHELDE 21 Residential Building
by ZOA

corona-4 Corona Renderer

Hotel Lobby
by anonymous

corona-5 Corona Renderer

Netflix’s Frontier Title
by Iamstatic

corona-6-1 Corona Renderer

Miocene Era 3D
by Digital Dust

corona-7 Corona Renderer

tutorials & guides

Quick Start guide

check out a detailed text and image-based general guide