The Power of Collaboration: Yacht Studio and GarageFarm.NET

In the bustling world of digital media, collaboration between technology providers and creative studios often leads to groundbreaking results. This case study explores the dynamic partnership between Yacht Studio, a vibrant content creator specializing in motion graphics, and GarageFarm.NET, a renowned render farm service. Their collaboration for the "BTS EXHIBITION: PROOF" highlights how technology and creativity merge to push the boundaries of visual storytelling.

Introduction to Yacht Studio

Founded in September 2020, Yacht Studio has quickly carved a niche in producing trendy videos through visual storytelling. Their repertoire includes advertisements, TV programs, animations, and music videos, all crafted around the unique brand identities of their clients. The studio's specialty lies in motion graphics, a field where aesthetics meet technology in vibrant, dynamic compositions.

For the "BTS EXHIBITION: PROOF", Yacht Studio took on the challenge of producing high-resolution videos that played continuously throughout the exhibit. These videos featured a desert background from BTS's "YET TO COME" music video, focusing on objects representing BTS members V and SUGA.

The Role of GarageFarm.NET

The need for a robust rendering solution led Yacht Studio to GarageFarm.NET. Faced with the high-resolution demands of the exhibition project, which would have been too time-consuming for local machines, the studio sought an external render farm that could handle the heavy lifting without compromising on quality or breaking the budget.

GarageFarm.NET emerged as the chosen partner due to its ability to offer test credits, which allowed Yacht Studio to gauge the compatibility and quality of the renders compared to their local outputs. This initial testing phase was crucial in building trust and confirming that GarageFarm.NET could meet the project's specific needs.

Project Execution and Challenges

The main deliverable for the exhibition was a loop animation in MOV format with 4K resolution, comprising 300 frames rendered over approximately nine hours on GarageFarm.NET. Without the render farm, the studio estimated a staggering 12 days of continuous rendering on local resources.

The Power of Collaboration: Yacht Studio and GarageFarm.NET

The project involved reconstructing 3D models of symbolic objects like a rose and a piano associated with BTS members V and SUGA. The studio creatively linked large display screens to seamlessly integrate these elements into a continuous desert scene, enhancing the immersive experience of the exhibit. The display was thoughtfully produced to cater to the average height of the target audience, predominantly female, ranging from 162cm to 165cm, ensuring optimal viewing angles and engagement.

The Power of Collaboration: Yacht Studio and GarageFarm.NET

During the project, Yacht Studio faced significant challenges, particularly with the dynamics of flowers and plants in the scene. Matching the speed and size of motion to the scale of the actual displays required meticulous adjustments and rapid testing to achieve the desired visual effect without technical glitches.

Technical Tools and Solutions

The project heavily relied on CINEMA 4D and REDSHIFT for 3D modeling and rendering. However, an initial hiccup occurred when Alembic format objects used in the scene were not loading correctly in the test renders at GarageFarm.NET. This issue was resolved by adjusting the Alembic tag settings within CINEMA 4D, ensuring that the objects were recognized and rendered correctly by the farm.

Support and Service Experience

Yacht Studio found GarageFarm.NET’s pricing reasonable and the support highly responsive. Communication channels like Kakao Talk and real-time chat facilitated swift resolutions to queries, ranging from rendering errors to administrative requests such as tax invoice issuance. This level of support proved invaluable, especially when urgent solutions were needed.

Impact and Outcome

The collaboration with GarageFarm.NET significantly reduced the rendering time, enabling Yacht Studio to focus on creative aspects without hardware limitations. The project was not only a technical success but also a testament to the studio's ability to blend technology with artistic vision, creating engaging, high-quality visual content that resonated with viewers.

Industry Insights and Future Directions

Looking ahead, Yacht Studio is optimistic about the role of advanced software and AI in the industry, emphasizing that these tools will augment, rather than replace, the essential creative capabilities of designers. Their future plans involve continuing to explore and expand their design capabilities, ensuring they remain at the forefront of visual storytelling.

As for recommending GarageFarm.NET, Yacht Studio is confident in endorsing the render farm as a reliable solution for reducing rendering times and enhancing project outputs.


This case study not only highlights the technical and creative achievements of Yacht Studio with GarageFarm.NET's support but also underscores the importance of choosing the right technological partners in the fast-evolving world of digital media. By leveraging advanced rendering solutions, creative studios can transcend traditional limitations, delivering spectacular visual narratives that captivate and engage audiences globally.

To explore more about Yacht Studio and their projects, visit Yacht Studio. Their portfolio is a testament to the studio's commitment to innovation, quality, and the art of visual storytelling.

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