15 Animation Trends to Watch in 2024: Key Insights

15 Animation Trends to Watch in 2024: Key Insights

The animation industry continually evolves, adapting to new technologies and artistic expressions to create captivating visual experiences. In 2024, several groundbreaking trends, including the strategic use of render farms, are shaping the way we view animated content, from films and advertisements to video games and virtual experiences.

 These trends are not only influencing the aesthetics and storytelling techniques but also the tools and processes animators use to bring their visions to life. Here, we explore 15 top animation trends that are set to dominate the landscape, offering insights into their impact on the industry and potential applications.

1. Mixed 2D and 3D Animation – A Creative Fusion

The blend of 2D and 3D animation techniques has opened up a new dimension in creative storytelling. By merging the flat, stylistic expressions of 2D with the depth and realism of 3D, animators can create unique, engaging visuals that capture viewers' imaginations.

15 Animation Trends to Watch in 2024: Key Insights
 A snip from “Disorder” by Robert Grieves on Vimeo.


This trend is particularly popular in advertising and feature films, where the juxtaposition of styles delivers a fresh and visually intriguing narrative experience. The integration of these two formats allows for more dynamic storytelling and character development, as animators can utilize the strengths of each medium to enhance their narrative impact.

2. AI-Integrated Animations – The Future of Animation

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the animation industry by automating complex processes, enhancing creativity, and enabling personalized animations. AI tools are increasingly used for tasks like lip-syncing, facial expressions, and even scripting animated interactions based on viewer feedback.

15 Animation Trends to Watch in 2024: Key Insights
  A snip from Disney’s Elemental. An AI style transfer workflow was used to help in animating the flames around this character. 


 These advancements not only streamline the animation process but also allow for more intricate and emotionally resonant animations. As AI technology continues to advance, we can expect even more sophisticated integrations, making the animation process more efficient and accessible to a broader range of creators.

3. Anthropomorphic Characters – Human-Like Animation

Anthropomorphic characters, which imbue human-like qualities and emotions into non-human entities, are becoming increasingly prevalent in all forms of media. This trend reflects a growing desire for relatable content that resonates on a human level, even when depicted through fantastical creatures or objects. 

15 Animation Trends to Watch in 2024: Key Insights
 A Snip from Disney’s Zootopia


The ability to convey complex emotions and narratives through anthropomorphic characters allows animators to connect with audiences in profound and engaging ways, fostering a deeper connection to the animated content.

4. Collage Animation – An Artistic Approach

Collage animation combines various materials and textures, like photographs, newspaper clippings, and fabrics, to create a visually compelling narrative. This method is appreciated for its artistic and nostalgic appeal, offering a tactile quality that stands out in the digital age. 

15 Animation Trends to Watch in 2024: Key Insights
A snip from Project Ellis by Dress-Code on Vimeo.


Animators are adopting this style not only for its aesthetic value but also for its ability to convey messages in a nuanced and impactful way, making it a popular choice for social and cultural commentaries in short films and music videos.

5. Anti-Gravity and Floating Effects – Defying Physics

Animation that plays with physical boundaries, such as gravity, offers viewers an escape into worlds where the rules of physics are bent or entirely disregarded. The use of anti-gravity and floating effects in animation is growing, particularly in science fiction and fantasy genres. These effects create visually stunning sequences that enhance the otherworldliness of the settings and narratives, providing a mesmerizing spectacle that captivates audiences.

6. Oddly Satisfying Motion Graphics – Captivating Visuals

The rise of 'oddly satisfying' videos on social media has influenced the animation industry, where motion graphics are designed to evoke a hypnotic, mesmerizing quality that viewers find immensely pleasing. This trend leverages smooth, repetitive motions that are visually therapeutic and can be used in a variety of applications, from calming animations for mental health apps to engaging background visuals for music and event productions.

7. Flat Graphic Animation – Simplistic Design

Flat graphic animation remains a dominant trend due to its clean, minimalist design which is versatile and effective across various digital platforms. This style is particularly favored in the corporate and educational sectors for explainer videos, as it conveys information in an easily digestible and visually appealing manner. The simplicity of flat design also allows for faster production times, making it a practical choice in a fast-paced world.

15 Animation Trends to Watch in 2024: Key Insights
       A snip from the Explainer video for GQueues-a task management app.


8. Vivid and Bold Colors – Vibrant Aesthetics

The use of vivid and bold colors in animation has seen a resurgence, aligning with broader graphic design trends that favor bright, impactful visuals. This trend is particularly effective in capturing the attention of younger audiences and stands out on high-resolution displays, enhancing the visual appeal of animated content. Color not only enriches the aesthetic but also plays a crucial role in storytelling, setting the tone and emotional backdrop of the narrative.

9. Alternative Art Animation – Embracing Unconventional Styles

As animators and artists seek to distinguish their work in a crowded market, many are turning to alternative art styles that break away from traditional animation norms. This includes using abstract forms, experimental techniques, and non-traditional storytelling methods. These animations often challenge viewers' perceptions and expectations, offering a unique, often introspective experience that differentiates from mainstream content.

10. Virtual Reality (VR) – Immersive Experiences

Virtual reality continues to push the boundaries of animation by offering immersive experiences that are more interactive and engaging than ever before. VR animation allows viewers to step inside a story, interacting with the environment and characters in ways that traditional screen-based animation cannot match. This trend is rapidly expanding into sectors like education, therapy, and entertainment, where the immersive quality of VR can be utilized to create deeply impactful experiences.

11. Augmented Reality (AR) – Blending Reality and Animation

Augmented reality in animation is transforming how we interact with the real world, overlaying animated content onto our everyday environments through devices like smartphones and AR glasses. This technology is increasingly used in marketing, educational tools, and interactive games, providing a seamless blend of reality and animation that enhances user engagement and learning experiences.

12. Grainy Gradient Textures – Adding Depth

The incorporation of grainy textures and gradients in animation provides a layer of depth and authenticity that resonates with a contemporary audience looking for a more organic feel in digital content. This stylistic choice is often used to add a tactile quality to visuals, making the animation feel more handcrafted and personal. It’s particularly popular in indie films and commercial animations that aim to convey warmth and nostalgia.

13. Claymation – Classic Stop-Motion Techniques

Claymation, or clay animation, has seen a revival due to its charming aesthetic and the palpable craft involved in its creation. This form of stop-motion animation offers a distinct tactile quality that CGI cannot replicate. As audiences seek more authentic and unique visual content, claymation stands out for its ability to convey whimsy and artistry, making it a beloved choice for short films, music videos, and commercials.

15 Animation Trends to Watch in 2024: Key Insights
      A snip from Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio


14. Seamless Transitions – Smooth Motion

Seamless transitions in animation are not just about aesthetic appeal but also about keeping the viewer’s attention locked through fluid storytelling. This trend is essential in creating a narrative flow that feels natural and unbroken, particularly in short-form content where engagement is crucial. Smooth transitions are achieved through meticulous planning and skillful use of animation tools, showcasing the animator's prowess in crafting cohesive visual stories.

15. Isometric Shapes – Geometric Perspectives

Isometric animation uses geometric shapes to create a pseudo-3D effect, offering depth and complexity to flat images. This technique is widely used in explainer videos, video games, and interactive media to provide a clear view of environments and actions without the need for multiple perspectives.

15 Animation Trends to Watch in 2024: Key Insights
            A snip from Video In Motion’s Isometric Map animation

 Its clean, orderly aesthetic is not only visually appealing but also enhances the clarity and readability of the content, making it particularly effective for educational and technical animations.


In conclusion, the animation trends of 2024 reflect a blend of technological advancements and creative explorations that are enriching the medium in exciting ways. 

These trends showcase the industry's adaptability and the continuous push towards more innovative and engaging content. As these trends evolve, they promise to redefine what is possible in animation, offering new tools and techniques for storytellers and artists to express their visions. Whether through the integration of AI, the revival of traditional techniques, or the adoption of new artistic styles, the future of animation is vibrant and filled with endless possibilities.

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