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Beam me up! RenderBeamer: The story begins

About a month ago we shared our thoughts regarding the progress and overall state of our software. Generally speaking, the results were satisfactory and industry standard. But, truth be told, that wasn’t the whole story.

Certain elements weren’t performing as well as they could, and we wanted to give our customers more than ‘just Okay’ features.

Today, we’ve got great news to announce!

In the past month, we have focused all our efforts and time on improving the technology behind the uploading and downloading process. We have completely revamped the app and replaced the old one with a robust new one.

Let’s take a look at what has changed and improved.


More efficient compression – as opposed to packing parts with 7zip to your drive and waiting for it to be done before uploading, now we streamline the whole process. Now, we read content from your drive, compress it ourselves and send it on the fly, all done in RAM, with no need for extra disk space or 7zip. The verdict: a huge gain in terms of speed.

Better support for multiple upload threads – you can take advantage of this feature especially on a high speed internet connections, or when your ISP puts limits on a single connection. Now you can set even up to 500 simultaneous upload connections.

Improved stability – even if your internet connection fails or your PC crashes during the uploading process, your upload will resume its job automatically the next time app is opened.

Data Integrity – we checksum every file and verify it to be sure all data is sent correctly.


Auto-download is on by default – each frame downloads to your PC as it is completed!

We now use compression for all downloads

A more intelligent method for determining if frames are complete and sending them to download.


Our new server is much more efficient, simultaneously monitoring and stabilizing user connections, while broadcasting updates and important messages to users, all in real time.

Can you see the future the way we do? Beam my scene up, Scotty!

For those of you who are running the previous Uploader version on your PC, it is no longer active. Please uninstall it, and download the new installer to get RenderBeamer (our new Uploader / Downloader)

You can download it from our Web Manager at All installers have been updated with the new app.

It is important that you uninstall any previous Uploader version before installing RenderBeamer, or you may encounter some conflicts.

If you encounter any issues, or if you need any assistance, talk to us via Skype at

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