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Vue Supported Software

  • Support for 3DS Max and Maya 2016 including all service packs
  • Robust threading architecture.
  • Texture virtualization allows rendering with extremely high resolution texture maps.
  • Convert objects from Max into Vue format (requires 3DS Max).
  • Unrigged objects are exported from Max as standard Vue meshes.
  • Camera animation export (e.g. to After Effects): Maya MA.
  • Object animation export (motion, orientation, size): 3DS, MOT.
  • User-definable mesh and texture map resolution for exports.
  • Automatic re-importing of externally modified texture maps and 3D objects.
  • Objects can be marked as not being exportable.
  • Advanced unwrap algorithms for low-distortion UV mapping.
  • Convert VUE intgrated scenes to native objects: In 3dsMax, Maya and Cinema4D.
  • Customize geometry and material map options when converting to native objects: In 3dsMax, Maya and Cinema4D.
  • Convert EcoSystems to native objects: In 3dsMax, Maya and Cinema4D.
  • Revert converted assets to VUE objects: In 3dsMax, Maya and Cinema4D.
  • Support for Nitrous display driver in 3dsMax: in integrated mode.
  • Automatic synchronization of cameras and lights: With 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, Maya, LightWave & Softimage XSI.
  • Synchronization data incorporated into scene for easy retrieval.
  • Save synchronization data to file for manual loading into Vue.
  • Animation export as AfterEffects.
  • Rendering compatible with V-Ray: 3ds max and Maya.
  • Rendering compatible with V-Ray 3.
  • Rendering compatible with MentalRay standalone render nodes.
  • Rendering compatible with MentalRay Distributed Bucket Rendering.
  • HDRI support.
  • Photometric lighting produces physically plausible HDR outputs.

customer reviews

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"Excellent service at affordable price. The guys from the support are making a great job 24/7. As a beginner got lots of issues and they helped me out a lot . They turned my problems into a great client experience. Thanks !"
"The best Render farm we've ever work!! They are 24 hours availble if you need something, very fast respones, low cost and very very professional!! We have work with other companies but this is simply the best!! 100% Recomendation 🙂"
"Great services and very good support too. I am a freelancer, so I don't own a lot of CPU power to render, so I use Renderfarm for my projects. It's pretty easy to use, by the way."
"The submission plugin was easy to install and intuitive to use. The support team is very helpful and friendly. Helped me out on a very short notice with setting up a specific nightly Vray build for my renders. Quick and efficient, can't recommend enough."
"Recently used this service, absolutely cracking! Really recommend this as a solution to your renders, fantastic machines great support from a friendly team too!"