GarageFarm.NET Render Farm

Quick Start

Sign Up

Visit GarageFarm.NET Web Manager at to open account. Activate your account and log in with the credentials found in the email.
Download software

Log in to Web Manager and download RenderBeamer software for your 3D app from the Support panel (left-hand side). Cloud account supports: 3Ds Max, LightWave, Maya, Modo, Blender and Terragen.
Send scene

Install the software on your PC and log in with your account credentials. Send the scene right from your 3D app by locating the new menu called ‘RenderBeamer’. We recommend running a test render on a few frames before rendering full range. You can do it by adding s10, s25, s50 to the framestring.
Manage project

After sending the scene, you will find your project in the Projects panel on Web Manager. Submit the scene to rendering and choose the priority between High, Medium, and Low (more info on prices and priorities). Initially, you receive $25 trial credits to run a few test renders with no need to commit.
Review the frames

Frames will be downloaded to your PC automatically as long as the RenderBeamer app is running. Check the frames. Submit a full range job by uploading the same scene again and changing the framestring to s1.
Top up your account

After depleting your trial credits, you will need to charge your account with more credits . You can make payments in the Billing panel on Web Manager. Payments are processed by PayPal (credit cards are accepted).
Contact us whenever need assistance

Webchat: talk to us at Skype: Email: