GarageFarm.NET Render Farm


    What we’ve got to offer?

  • All major 3d apps >> check them out
  • Broad range of 3d apps plugins
  • Free start – open your account and start rendering free tests
  • No subscriptions – pay for as much as you use
  • Distributed rendering – frames and images across multiple machines
  • Multi-step bake – generate your GI maps on multiple machines
  • Free 24/7 technical advice and support
  • GPU rendering on a powerful GPU server

    Why are our prices lower?

  • We buy and maintain our own servers and technology
  • We maintain the DataCenter ourselves
  • We develop our own in-house software
  • We build our own networks
  • We care about the product and our users’ experience

    What differentiates us from other farms?

  • User-centric custom experience
  • Best of both worlds – human support integrated with an automated process
  • Choose whether you like to do it yourself or you want us to do it for you
  • We cater to individual artists, small studios as well as large commercial studios
  • Please check out our renders gallery to see some of our works.

  • Nodes with up to 64GB RAM
  • 1.1 TB LAN
  • 11,000 GHz of power
  • 11,000 GB of RAM
  • 3,600 CPU cores
  • 21,000 CUDA cores

SSD caching

6.4 GB SSD cache


32 ~ 64 GB


Dual Intel Xeon 2.66 GHz

Hardware Specs

3D Apps Plugins
Our plugins automate the scene preparation and the upload process

Integrates seamlessly with 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave, Modo, Blender, and Terragen

Automated process
Uploading and downloading is automated and it doesn’t require any setup

Web interface
You can set up and monitor your renders in real time

Fast and secure payments with PayPal, cost of renders breakdown

Software features