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When the situation gets hairy, Peregrine Labs’ Yeti and GarageFarm.NET come to the rescue! Our Maya plugin fully supports Yeti GRM files and simulation caches, allowing you to render your furry, feathered or hair styled creations on a host of capable machines simultaneously. If you have any specific needs or requests, give our 24/7 Live Customer Support a shout, and they’ll be happy to lend a hand. We at GarageFarm.NET make sure to keep our software integration up to date, and our plugins are continuously improved, so your experience with us only gets better and better. Give our yeti for autodesk maya render farm a try with your Yeti scenes, and enjoy a $50 credit bonus upon registering!

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Yeti Graph textures using UDIM tag
Supported Yeti versions: 1.3 and all 2.x
You can load your own .fur cache or let it cache on the fly

featured projects

Banki & Frost by Digiblur Studio for TF1 Group

Banki & Frost Image Yeti Farm Render

Investec Zebra by Wicked Pixels

Cape Town Animation Studio: Wicked Pixels- Zebra02

Squirrel Mascot by Pierre-Olivier Thévenin

Squirrel Mascot Image 3 by Pierre-Olivier Thévenin

Ken Kangaroo by Colorbleed for TNT’s 70th birthday

Ken Kangaroo by Colorbleed Studios

Talking horse by Snowgum Films created for Troll Bridge film

Troll Bridge

our software in action

Snowgum Films has taken up a taxing task of creating a very special short film, a motion picture adaptation of Troll Bridge by Terry Pratchett. To no surprise the team needed help with rendering all the magnificent VFX shots across all of their main assets in the film. This short clip above shows how their senior lighting TD sets up the light for the talking horse shot and uses GarageFarm.NET Render Farm to render it out.

our clients

Doesn’t matter how much you try to standardize on tool sets and structured; each asset brings its own quirks. A plugin, a custom shader, a texture linked in weirdly. That’s where GarageFarm.NET made the difference for us. Their 24*7 support staff was always there to unpick the knots and get things moving. You lost a degree of control with any outsourced service, but timely and on game support puts confidence back in the picture.

Huge thanks and admiration to the gentle people over at GarageFarm.NET, and their incredible render machines.



Ahren Morris
Toll Bridge Producer

We ended up using GarageFarm.NET because they rendered Yeti and we heard greath things about them. We decided that speding money on hardware that needs maintenance and is occupied with a rapid redundancy rate is not the best use of out dollar. We build the render costs into the costs to client and that way we always have access to the latest and best and don’t need to maintain anything.

The staff at GarageFarm.NET responded almost in real time through their chat system and was amazing to work with. very helpful and patient.



Wicked Pixels
Animation Studio


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