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How to use online render farms part 2

We will go deeper into testing techniques which are a very important step of an online farm’s workflow.
The 3d Freelancers Dilemma

The 3D Freelancer’s Dilemma

Planning to be a 3D Freelancer? Read to know the often untold side of 3D Freelancing and the ways you can survive the problems that come along with it.
Paperbone, CG Palaces

Paperbone creates CG palaces and VFX for TV series

Paperbone on creating CG palaces & VFX for aTV series, and rendering complex shaders & geometry on GarageFarm's 3DS Max, Maya and V-Ray render farm.
Benefits of using Render Farm

The Benefits of Using a Render Farm

Learn what a render farm is and its benefits for 3d artists and studios. Find out when you'd need a farm and its true cost.
3D Model The Incredible Hulk

The Future of 3D Modelling

We're on the precipice of a modeling revolution, where recent technology and those in the development set to be game changers in the world of 3D modeling.

You are a render farm client, are you being robbed?

Enjoy the benefits of the GarageFarm.NET render farm service with hyper threading - free of charge. We are 10% cheaper than other render farms!

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