Sep & Oct ‘17 Render Farm Software Update Roundup

Our Render Farm Software Update roundup for September and October 2017 features fixes and improvements as requested by our beloved users!
Cape Town Animation Studio: Wicked Pixels- Zebrarender

Cape Town Animation Studio: Wicked Pixels

Saskia Busch, Executive Producer at Wicked Pixels shares her thoughts on the approach for creating digital work across various industries.
Danny Rollings Hydrogen Twins Elements Academy

Artist Spotlight: UCA Graduate Danny Rollings

We had a talked with Danny Rollings about his early motivations and inspiration that led him to CG, and his rendering experience with a Maya cloud render farm.

Alex Novitsky: Staring At Car Renders Until Your Create One Yourself

Alex Novitsky, an artist, and modeler shared his development as an artist, his thinking process when working on a model, and his drive for constant betterment.

3D Modelling with Autodesk Maya 2016

Learn about 3d modelling and how to use Autodesk Maya poly 3d modelling tools, nurbs geometry, polygonal and subD versions, and the poly 3D modelling tools.
VFX artist and filmmaker Georgios Papaioannou

Artist Spotlight: VFX Artist and Filmmaker Georgios Papaioannou

Georgios Papaioannou is a VFX artist and filmmaker who works with studios like Framestore UK, Twin Pines VFX, Cherry Cherry VFX, and Worldwide FX.

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