Paperbone, CG Palaces

Paperbone creates CG palaces and VFX for TV series

In this case study, we sit down with VFX and film production studio, Paperbone. We were captivated by the amazing renders they did with us and absolutely had to know more about them.
Danny Rollings Hydrogen Twins Elements Academy

Artist Spotlight: UCA Graduate Danny Rollings

Danny Rollings has recently completed his bachelor degree in Computer Animation Arts at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) in Rochester. We talk with Danny about his early motivations and inspiration that led him to CG, his interests, Scooby Doo, and his experience with Maya rendering and using a Maya cloud render farm.

Portfolio Items

Banco De Chile Spot by Believe-3044-TV_3
Bag End 3D by Jay Shadlow-cropped0780
Cookin with Fire - Autodesk Maya
Cape Town Animation Studio: Wicked Pixels- Zebra02
Stamens of Light by Carlos Ortega Elizalde
Troll Bridge by Snowgum Films-Mica_05
Rendering showreel 2016 part1