Classic Color: How Blender and Cloud Rendering allowed
them to be in the pink of condition

Rogelio Guzman, who is a big part of the illustrious Classic Color's CGI team shares his experiences in the Graphics business and working with our Blender render farm.
BlenderBeasts 2017 roundup

Blender Beasts '17 Wrap Up

As the Blender Beasts contest concluded, we happily present our top three contestants and their outstanding work! Honorable mentions also made it on our list.
Cycles GPU Render 8X GeForce Titan

Cycles GPU Render Benchmark on Reynante Martinez's scene

We are back with a new GPU benchmark. This time we teamed up with Reynante Martinez to see how his intense scenes fare when rendered on our rig.

8 GPU Superserver Benchmark

Test Blender and Cycles on our eight 6GB GTX Titan GPU card, 20,800 CUDA Core GPU servers!