stories from the farm

Stories from the Farm Ep. 2: Getting my shi(f)t done

Farming is serious business, but even with all the focus and alertness the job demands, there are the occasional light-hearted conversations that farmers and customers share together, that make it fun and entertaining.

This next yarn comes from our very own Piotr:
“Once, when I was turning the shift over to another farmer, I was ending a conversation with a customer. When I finished briefing the other farmer, I wrote to the customer to say I was going to end my shift, but I accidentally wrote “”My colleague will continue work with you as I’m going to finish my shit.”” Luckily, the customer had a sense of humor, so he corrected me, I apologized, and we laughed it off.”

Our team of dedicated and hardworking farmers works 6-8 hours a day all week, and after a long day of farming, a laugh does a lot to let out some steam, especially if it’s shared with a good-humored customer. It doesn’t mean that just because the work gets tough, a farmer can’t afford to shoot the shift.