T-Rex by Damian Zaprucki

rendered in Maya

Vancouver based Polish artist, Damian Zaprucki rendered this beast with us as a personal project. He had started a sculpt of a T-Rex some time ago and had returned to it later, which led him to create this sequence. Having been a look development artist for a good many years, it’s no surprise Damian’s work is rich with the kind of detail one would expect of a hollywood blockbuster.

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T-rex by Damian Zaprucki

Damian Zaprucki, one of the talented visual artists behind Black Panther and Spiderman: Homecoming, flexes his 3d muscles in this recreational clip of a T-Rex. Damian says: ""2 years ago I was working on Trex sculpt which I couldn't finish due to lack of time. Recently I had a couple of weeks of vacation and I decided do get back to it. In this project, I used Maya, Arnold, zbrush and Nuke for composition. All shaders were made with Arnold's aiStandard materials. Trex skin and slobber was simulated with Maya nCloth. To get better performance, all object were simulated separately and exported to alembic. Everything was also rendered separately to get more control during compositing.That project took me around 2-3 weeks with rendering and composition."

Posted by GarageFarm.NET Render Farm on Thursday, June 7, 2018