Half a million dollar investment

We put half a million $$$ into cloud rendering

Some Good News for All of Us

We’ve been having a good run so far. Since 2010, we’ve been growing organically, and at a steady and encouraging pace. From 2 people managing a few computers in a literal garage (hence our name), we’ve moved up to a 30 strong team of farmers, specialists, developers, and operations managers from all over the world, and managed to acquire more powerful hardware year by year. Now it’s 2017, and to keep up with our ever expanding client base, we’ve made efforts to raise more funds. We’re happy to announce that a private investor from South Korea has recently given us some substantial backing. Since then we have invested a total of $500,000 in hiring new developers, technical directors, and system administrators, as well as purchasing a line of Intel V4 processors that can run with up to a whopping 176 virtual cores.

We at GarageFarm.NET always strive to provide the best service that is both affordable and user-friendly. We understand the market’s needs for more power, but more importantly, we are confident that the newer and faster hardware is a step toward a new future for cloud rendering. Affordable pricing and the power of 176 core nodes is something the industry currently lacks, so we’re more than excited to be one of the first to introduce these. With the help of our new key hires and our hard working core team, we’ve integrated this new hardware capability to our farm. We can distribute the 176 cores to individual 4x 44 core nodes, or use all 176 cores on jobs depending on what would suit them best.

We support major industry programs such as 3ds Max, Maya, Modo, Lightwave, Cinema 4d, Blender and much more, and we continuously make that list even longer. Thanks to our investor and the patronage of our users, we are closer to achieving what we set out to do from the very beginning: To be the most capable, user-friendly and versatile render farm on the market.