Software Highlight: The Foundry’s MODO

Software Highlight: MODO, what are its strengths and is it for you?

There is no one piece of 3d software that is superior to others…
Render Farm Software Round Up

Software Updates - Dec & Jan '18 round up

We wrapped up last year with some improvements to our renderBeamer…
3ds max rendering optimization, raster texture

Guide to rendering: Optimizing scenes in 3ds Max through Textures

In the previous part of the guide, we talked about optimizing geometry. In this section, we will focus on textures. Textures are one of the assets which, like geometry, may need a lot of a computer's RAM, and to a lesser degree, their size and resolution can influence on rendering time.
The 3d Freelancers Dilemma

The 3D Freelancer’s Dilemma

So you wanna be a 3d freelancer? Why not? The notion is appealing…

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