Render Farm Software Round Up

Software Updates – Dec & Jan ’18 round up

We wrapped up last year with some improvements to our renderBeamer plugins, and when 2018 came, we hit the ground running! Here’s a list of all our software updates from December 2017 to January 2018:


  • Changes in timeline control window. Now render range is set directly for each scene camera
  • Timeline value must be added in the correct way. For example, to render a range from 0-100 as full scene you should put render range 0to100s1. To render a test (every 10th frame) just put 0to100s10
  • You can now render selected frames in strip mode
  • Added support for PFlow cache disk (.pf assets)
  • Fixed .ifl sequences links (when using multiple .ifl assets)
  • Blocked unsupported render engines
  • Fixed “lock” switch on selected camera (now its automatically disabled)
  • Fixed override project name option when using multi-cam scene
  • Fixed plugin issues with older 3ds Max versions (2013)
  • Added GI caching option for Corona render still shots
  • If you are using UHD GI mode in Corona, your still shots rendered with strips mode will have cached GI job. This will prevent your renders from having strips connection lines
Software Updates - Dec & Jan '18 round up
Beamer for Max UI changes Timeline Window


  • Rebuild project handling operations. If error occurs, plugin will delete temporary “renderBeamer” folder
  • At the end of the scene preparation process, plugin will now reload original Lightwave file
  • Improved checking operations for Compositive Buffers Export
    • now plugin is checking for selected objects, and if it’s not finding any of them, doesn’t allow to proceed with workflow
  • Added support for Lightwave 2018/2018.0.1
  • Added support for new outputs system (tags, multilayer)
  • Fixed plugin menu issue (in LightWave 2018.0.1)
  • Fixed issue with wrong file extensions (in LightWave 2018.0.1)


  • Improved handling nCache assets
  • Improved handling of .abc / xgen assets
  • Default turn off for “export to vrscene” mode in the render settings

Cinema 4D

  • Major updates to C4D scenes with Anima plugin
  • Auto baking of anima projects from C4D upon upload
  • Aniprojects are now loaded and linked as .anipack
  • Purchased assets included in .anipack


  • Added support for alembic cache (.abc)
  • Expanded .gfs (scene settings saved to file) with scene resolution, bucket size & Cycle render sample value. Now you will be able to set them on web manager
Software Updates - Dec & Jan '18 round up
Beamer Blender Web Manager Expanded Scene Settings


  • Plugin got new GUI
    • both modes are separated into tabs
  • Page render mode is expanded now – we have added support for all available GI solutions with all combinations (IR, LC, BR)
  • Added checker for installed V-Ray renderer. Plugin won’t work if V-Ray is not installed & added to Sketchup
  • Overall improvements to plugin speed and stability


  • New plugin GUI
  • Support for all GI solutions (Irradiance map, Light Cache, Brute force, with all possible combinations)
  • Support for multi-cam scenes. Now you can render all your cameras with one plugin usage
  • sRGB switch is now ON as default (Web Manager)
  • Progressive image sampling (in Vray frame buffer) is now OFF
  • Improvements in plugin stability and speed
Software Updates - Dec & Jan '18 round up
Beamer for Rhino UI

If you use any of the of softwares above, feel free to take these updates out for a test run. And for those that haven’t registered yet, click this link and get test credits, on the house!

Got requests for our next batch of updates? Message us through our contact page or give us a shoutout on Facebook!

Happy rendering from all of us at GarageFarm.NET!