Lightwave renderBeamer v44

Rendering with the new LightWave 2018

Newtek’s LightWave 2018 is here, with major overhauls, expanded feature sets, and a new Physically based rendering system. We’re just as thrilled about these new improvements as you, which is why we’re happy to announce that we’ve integrated LightWave 2018 to our LightWave support! You can now use renderBeamer to upload scenes from LightWave 2018, 2018.0.1, and 2018.0.2 with the new output system featuring buffer tags, and the ability to render multiple image formats simultaneously. We’ve also released a video tutorial detailing the preparation process for uploading to our farm with renderBeamer for LightWave version 44.

Major updates to our new plugin:

  • support for new outputs system (tags, multilayer)
  • support for multi-format outputs (every render output can be rendered using a different format)
  • support for pre-cached radiosity maps (single and multi cached radiosity files)
  • support for custom buffers sets
  • improved image sequences workflow (changed to animated assets instead of images)

Quick tutorial:

Rendering with LightWave 2018

Great news for LightWave users! New quick tutorial about rendering with LightWave 3D 2018 on our farm.Major updates to our plugin:- support for new outputs system (tags, multilayer)- support for multi-format outputs (every render output can be rendered using a different format)- support for pre-cached radiosity maps (single and multi cached radiosity files)- improved image sequences workflow

Posted by GarageFarm.NET Render Farm on Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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