Interview with Blender Contest winner, Robert Paprotny

Robert Paprotny is the winning contestant on our recently concluded Blender Contest competition. He shared his inspiration for creating his winning art piece, and his rendering experience with GarageFarm.NET's blender render farm.

‘Troll Bridge’ & Remote Collaboration: Here’s How They Did It

The amazing team behind the adaptation of Terry Pratchett's Troll Bridge is a testament to remote collaboration and its feasibility as the modern day work model

FULL 3D Graduation Project – Interview with Kang Jin-Gyu

Kang Jin-Gyu has always dreamed of becoming a professional 3D artist which propelled him to make a full 3D animation short as his final graduation project.

FULL 3D 졸업작품 완성기 – INTERVIEW 강진규

3D 전문아티스트가 되는 것을 꿈꾸었던 제가, 졸업작품으로 3D 애니메이션을 완성했습니다.

Erwin Zwart and The Ocean Cleanup

Meet the man behind the Ocean Clean up visualizations-Erwin Zwart. Read about Erwin and his experience rendering with GarageFarm.NET.
Dan Masterton,Ewebibtikus Klaw’s Adventures Galore

The Mighty Pie in the Sky: From Comics to Cloud Rendering (and beyond!)

Dan Masterton, creator of award-winning Ewebibtikus Klaw’s Adventures Galore shares his thoughts on the project and his rendering experience with GarageFarm.NET.

Interview with the Blender Beast winner, Jesse Gayanilo

Jesse Gayanilo winner of our Blender Beasts 2017 Challenge shares his inspiration for creating his winning tribute to League of Legends.

Charles Lang Follain’s debut animated film The Gardener

Charles Lang Follain shares his thoughts on his first short animated film the Gardener, and his experience with GarageFarm's Blender render farm.