3d modeling styles, archviz style

How to find your style for archviz and have it shine through

Marco, DJ, Tomas, and Andrew are back to pin down the ever-elusive idea style in the third episode of CG talks. Elo returns to criticize.
Render Farm Software updates

Software updates Jan-Feb ’20

Here's a rundown of the latest updates we've made to kick off 2020 at GarageFarm.NET.

How to market yourself for freelancing in ArchViz – insights from Fabio Palvelli

Having trouble landing decent jobs? Yeah. We sat down with Fabio Palvelli for strategies, answers, and some hard truths.
displacement maps, Vray displacement

How displacement maps work and how to optimize them in V-Ray – part 2

Learn about the different types of displacement mapping and how to use displacement effectively in 3ds Max and V-Ray care of Michal Mos!

Highlights in 2019

Last year has been busy for us, and we're happy to share some key updates from 2019. We're looking forward to serving you better this 2020!

AI, Archviz and You: How tech can help you and not actually take over your job

The world of Archviz is on the brink of some serious change. Elo disseminates some thoughts expressed in our first podcast and adds his own insight into today's rapidly changing industry.

Design principles for building your ArchViz portfolio

Your portfolio is your golden ticket to the career you've been working for. Learn how you can showcase your work to communicate what work you enjoy and can excel in with this article!

How displacement maps work and how to optimize them in V-Ray Part 1

Displacement techniques are used in CG both aesthetically, and to drive realism in renders. This article covers the different forms of displacement, and how they can be configured for optimal rendering.

Render farms — Third-Party or Homegrown?

Building your own render farm and outsourcing to third-party services both have their pros and cons. This article sheds some light on the two and which may be the best choice for you.