A natural Interest in 3D rendering: Interview with Hyeji Jeon

In this interview, we learn about Hyeji Jeon and her adventures in 3d. Hyeji is a talented 3d artist with keen attention to detail and a love of the natural.
Dan Masterton,Ewebibtikus Klaw’s Adventures Galore

The Mighty Pie in the Sky: From Comics to Cloud Rendering (and beyond!)

Dan Masterton, creator of award-winning Ewebibtikus Klaw’s Adventures Galore shares his thoughts on the project and his rendering experience with GarageFarm.NET.
Paperbone, CG Palaces

Paperbone creates CG palaces and VFX for TV series

Paperbone on creating CG palaces & VFX for aTV series, and rendering complex shaders & geometry on GarageFarm's 3DS Max, Maya and V-Ray render farm.
Cape Town Animation Studio: Wicked Pixels- Zebrarender

Cape Town Animation Studio: Wicked Pixels

Saskia Busch, Executive Producer at Wicked Pixels shares her thoughts on the approach for creating digital work across various industries.
The Resurrection Stone

Skyhouse Studios: A boutique studio in the cloud

VFX artist Robert Grbevski has an illustrious career in the VFX industry. Learn more about him, running a studio in the cloud, and cloud rendering.
Danny Rollings Hydrogen Twins Elements Academy

Artist Spotlight: UCA Graduate Danny Rollings

We had a talked with Danny Rollings about his early motivations and inspiration that led him to CG, and his rendering experience with a Maya cloud render farm.
Wild Bunch Studio Case Study

Wild Bunch Studio: Animation and Character Design

Wild Bunch Studio talks about their works & experience with GarageFarm.NET render farm for their Maya & Vray rendered animation series: Discovery Time.
VFX artist and filmmaker Georgios Papaioannou

Artist Spotlight: VFX Artist and Filmmaker Georgios Papaioannou

Georgios Papaioannou is a VFX artist and filmmaker who works with studios like Framestore UK, Twin Pines VFX, Cherry Cherry VFX, and Worldwide FX.