Dejan Kober, DD3D Studio

Interview with Dejan Kober from DD3D Studio: Maritime Visualization

Dejan Kober and his team share their insights on creating photorealistic 3d visualizations for the Maritime Industry, the opportunities and challenges they face on a regular basis, and how rendering on the cloud helps them meet their deadlines.

Aparato – Major Animation and VFX House in Uruguay

Uruguay powerhouse Aparato Post is behind some of the most compelling productions for Coca Cola, Ford, Bayer and many other household brands.
Atkins Global, 3ds max render farm, v-ray render farm

Atkins Global turns to cloud for large projects with fast turn around

We had a chance to talk with Atkins Global's 3D visualizer, Aaron Wright who shared his excellent experience with Garagefarm.NET's cloud rendering services.

Canadian award winning directors, Iamstatic choose cloud rendering

Iamstatic co-founder Dave Greene talks about the voyage of digital discovery and the relatable beginnings of the Award Winning Canadian CG Studio.
Paperbone, CG Palaces

Paperbone creates CG palaces and VFX for TV series

Paperbone on creating CG palaces & VFX for aTV series, and rendering complex shaders & geometry on GarageFarm's 3DS Max, Maya and V-Ray render farm.
Z0A3D - SCHELDE 21 by Vincent Van Duysen Architects

Architectural Animation and Visualization

ZOA rendered a visualization of a luxurious apartment building that utilized a lot of vegetation and presented detailed interiors rendered in 3ds Max and Corona.
Digital Dust - stereo3D - National Park project

Digital Dust – Boutique studio from Hungary

Flora & Fauna of Miocene Era by Digital Dust, rendered in 3ds Max & Corona, made for a National Park in Hungary. It includes 8 animals with 7 min animation.