AI, Archviz and You: How tech can help you and not actually take over your job

The world of Archviz is on the brink of some serious change. Elo disseminates some thoughts expressed in our first podcast and adds his own insight into today's rapidly changing industry.

Introducing Xesktop – our solution for GPU server rental!

We're proud to have recently launched Xesktop, our solution for those in occasional need of a high powered GPU workstation. Turn your machine into a GPU computing juggernaut, wherever you are!

Right BEE-hind you: 3DBee.IT launches asset solutions to help 3ds Max users speed up their archviz workflow

Our friends at have just announced the arrival of the bees-knees in 3d assets and asset management.

Guide to rendering: Optimizing scenes in 3ds Max through geometry

Our 3ds Max Optimization guide shows some geometry management tips to achieve faster and more stable rendering. For beginner and intermediate users.

Guide to rendering: Optimizing scenes in 3ds Max through textures 1/2

Our second part of the 3ds Max Optimization guide focuses on optimizing raster textures for better render times. Great for beginners and advanced users.

Render Farms: The Ultimate Time-Saver

Dive into the individual benefits of using render farms. Learn how cloud based farms could save you more money and time when rendering your project.
3D Model The Incredible Hulk

The Future of 3D Modelling

We're on the precipice of a modeling revolution, where recent technology and those in the development set to be game changers in the world of 3D modeling.

Alex Novitsky: Staring At Car Renders Until Your Create One Yourself

Alex Novitsky, an artist, and modeler shared his development as an artist, his thinking process when working on a model, and his drive for constant betterment.

3D Modelling with Autodesk Maya 2016

Learn about 3d modelling and how to use Autodesk Maya poly 3d modelling tools, nurbs geometry, polygonal and subD versions, and the poly 3D modelling tools.