8 GPU Superserver Benchmark

Blender enthusiasts, and geeks of all kind!


We are a relatively new farm on the market. We’ve been supporting Blender Cycles on CPU for quite a while now and are finishing public beta testing of our automatic uploader now. Anyone can download our software and test it.

I believe we have the best prices on the market, and by an order of magnitude(!)

But this post is not about that. :)

We recently finished building and testing our new GPU super server with eight 6GB Titan GPU cards, 20,800 CUDA Cores that can be accessed via remote desktop. For now you need to contact our support to get the access, the guys shall set it up for you in 15 minutes or less. We are also working on an automated customer portal and if there is enough demand we are planning to build a few more of those servers to avoid potential queues. The price is as low as possibly could, the offer is not for big companies only, but small studios, freelancers and even hobbyists.

We used benchmark listed here

But we encountered a slight problem, on 8 powerful GPUs the 150 sample test basically completes before it even begins (hahahaha). So we cranked up the samples to 700 (4.66 times more) and benchmarked both our CPUs and GPUs. Stay tuned as we have more announcements coming your way soon.



We were also featured in an article on BlenderNation.com
High props to Brat Veldhuizen for reaching out to us!