GarageFarm.NET Render Farm


Farm process
Prepare scene

Basic Overview (this guide applies to classic account / legacy workflow)

In a nutshell, you prepare your scene as archive or just transfer it to our farm using our renderBeamer uploader, we discuss the details (over the email or - preferably our webchat at and we render a free test - if you are happy to proceed, then we do a final render and later you make a PayPal payment.

Step by step:

  1. We create an account for you and explain you how to upload your project.
  2. We give you a Google Spreadsheet link where you fill out your profile and all necessary project info (3D software and its version, resolution, frame range, need for baking etc.). You can view the progress in real-time and leave additional comments using that Spreadsheet.
  3. You upload your files and fill out your Google Spreadsheet each time you upload additional scenes. (please make sure whenever you need to re-upload a corrected version of the scene, use adequate name versions - i.e. scene_name_v02, scene_name_v03 etc. - to avoid confusion)
  4. You decide what priority you want to render with.
  5. We render a free test for each of your scenes and give you an estimated price
  6. We render your project and you download it the same way as you sent the files initially.
  7. We provide a PayPal link or bank wire info and you pay for your renders


Please consider using our Web Manager Chat that can be found at on the top side of the screen after logging in to your account. Communicating via live chat is a great timesaver and, unlike email, we monitor it all the time and respond promptly to all requests. Our support is available 24/7 so you can contact as at any time.

Please keep in mind that we provide 24/7 free support via phone and chat. We try to reply to all emails as quickly as possible but you probably will get a much faster response if you use our webchat.

Send & Download Project


After signing up, you can download RenderBeamer application to upload your files. RenderBeamer is an Uploader / Downloader application that enables you to upload project files to our farm and download them back to your PC. It works in conjunction with our 3D app plugins. However, you can use it alone as a file transfer application.

Instruction for renderBeamer:
  1. Download it from Web Manager() and install it
  2. Start it up from the desktop shortcut and sign in with your account credentials
  3. You can upload either individual files or entire folders - use 'Add file' or 'Add directory'
  4. In the settings you can adjust the number of upload threads suitable for your internet connection. By default it is 10. If you experience slow transfers you can increase it until you start getting a high number of retries.
  5. Note that RenderBeamer is designed to be an uploader and downloader only, it doesn't prepare scenes to be compatible with our farm. Our 3D app plugins do that.

Windows download link:

Mac download link:


You can download your rendered project using RenderBeamer. Each frame that is rendered out will be automatically downloaded to your PC to the output set in the RenderBeamer's settings.

REMEMBER: Don't move or delete any files from your FTP folder without letting us know as we might be needing them to finalize the rendering.

Google Spreadsheet

We create a Google Spreadsheet for all of our users. It serves an important purpose of providing live updates and sharing technical info regarding the project.
In order to do so, we need your email address to give you access rights and to share it with you.
The Spreadsheet will be used for information exchange between us in real-time. You will be able to see all updates & work-flow of your projects as you go.
Each time after uploading new files, please fill it out providing as much info as you can to ensure no delays and unnecessary errors occur.

A few pointers about Google Spreadsheet (make sure you read it):
  • It can be edited in real-time and simultaneously by anyone who has the sharing rights, meaning as our Support updates it you can see it on the fly
  • You can see the updates and edit the Spreadsheet right away without any need for logging in, additional accounts, or software, all you need is the link to it
  • It's a great tool for you to get quick updates on your projects and to leave comments/additional info on any particulars of your project for our Support
  • There's no need to write emails, Google Spreadsheet saves us and will save you a lot of time and hassle

Project info we need in the Spreadsheet:
  • software and version you are using
  • renderer
  • output format
  • output resolution
  • frame range for each scene
  • deadline
  • additional scripts or plugins
  • baking
  • need to set up gamma? (question mostly for Max users)

It would be great if you could fill out all this information in your Spreadsheet as soon as possible and use it all throughout the rendering process.


We can give you a price estimate using our Cost Calculator which is easy and quick to use. However, always the best way to estimate the price would be to render a free test.

We will test each of your scene every n-th frame for free. If it is a still image, we will test it in 1/8th or 1/10th resolution. You will get a much more accurate estimate after the test and you will be able to check the render for any potential issues.
We always recommend to all of our users to do a test before starting a final render, it does not cost anything.

In terms of time, the time that your job starts and finishes depends on three factors: the Priority you choose - the higher the faster your scene will get going when there are several users with the same priority, the date of submission to our render queuer - which decides about their place in the queue, and the number of available nodes you receive at the given time.
For example - if there were only low priority users rendering and you would be on Medium Priority, your scene shall get the maximum number of nodes and finish rendering accordingly to the time shown in the cost calculator.


High Priority
Ideal price plan for users with short and immediate deadlines. You will always be served first ahead of other users. You will be able to know when the rendering of your project is finished. In simple words, you pay more to save time.
  • First in queue
  • Pay more

Medium Priority
Probably best of both worlds. You get quite a low price and relatively short waiting times in queue. Only High Priority users are served ahead of you.
  • Short waiting time in queue
  • Pay less

Low Priority
This priority offers the lowest price of all priorities and is probably the cheapest price you can get in the market. Best choice when you're not in rush and your deadline isn't tight. Users with higher priorities will be served before you.
Low priority is a big money saver, but you need to keep in mind that from time to time someone else could put your project on hold.
  • Longer waiting time
  • Lowest price

You can change your Priority at any time during rendering accordingly to your needs and the farm load.


A minimum price per scene you render is $9 with the exception of Rhino and Sketchup where minimum price is $19 per scene.

We calculate prices on the basis of Ghz hour rather than server hour since it is a much more precise calculation.

High Priority $0.06 per Ghz
Medium Priority $0.03 per Ghz
Low Priority $0.015 per Ghz

You can use our Cost Calculator to quickly calculate the price of your project but please note that the test renders, in fact, return more accurate estimates.

If your project is for charity we probably will render it without any charge and if it is an educational project we might bill you for electricity only.

Payment & Volume discounts

Additional discounts apply to upfront payments. Volume Discounts apply to amounts of $250 and over and gradually increase in value as the amount increases.
You can view the full table of discounts here

After completion of rendering, we will provide you a PayPal payment link to pay for your renders, or if you prefer you can also wire-transfer the money to us.

In case you need an invoice, please send us your company info (and VAT no. whenever applies) so that we can generate an invoice for you.