GarageFarm.NET Render Farm


Whoare we?

We are a small team of technology and 3d enthusiasts who one day after years of painful, dreadful, constant reap off, rarely user friendly, and rarely affordable experience with render farms decided to start our own farm - right in our garage.

When we started back in 2010 we were a team of two, Tomek and Minhee. At the moment, we are a team of 20.

We are absolutely convinced that the 3D world and the virtual world are the future of the world where technology evolves humanity.

Whatdo we do?

We render.
Yeah, we render lots of stuff, and I mean loads of lots of stuff.

What else do you wanna hear? Isn’t that what you expect from a render farm?

Well, alright. We do a bit more than that!
We make our customers happy
We are there for them 24/7
We give great technical support
We support all major 3D apps in the market
We are responsive to our customers needs
We are affordable, in majority of cases we will be cheaper than having your rendering solution locally
We put technology to work, we like to take care of it with tenderness and tinker with it all the time
We provide a healthy balance of automated process combined with human support
We always strive for better and more

Whydo we do this?

We are 3D artists ourselves and we have been through the rendering process of projects countless number of times and believe us that wasn’t pleasant! None of the farms available out there were up to the task on multiple fronts.

Therefore, we created our own service that hopefully will work great for everyone and the price will be right, too.